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Nursing Services

Nursing Services

Communicable Disease Training

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services training course is utilized. This program meets the six-hour training requirement or can be condensed to meet general education knowledge Pediculosis (Lice) management.

Health Fairs/Wellness Programs

Staff provides a variety of health assessment tools, including blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetery, vision, hearing screening, and BMI calculation. Stations available include: dental, nutrition, exercise-with weighted Hula hoop, and puppet theater.

Medication Training

Prescription medication training based on the Ohio Department of Health and Adolescent health program includes medication overview, basic guidelines, and individual modules tailored to meet the facility’s needs. Emergency medication training on Diastat, Glucagon, and Anaphylactic medication is available. 

RN, LPN and STNA Staffing    

Nursing staff members work collaboratively with students, parents, and school personnel to promote optimal health and wellness; maintain all state immunization, vision, and hearing requirements; and provide scoliosis screening, medications management, and acute illness and emergency care in school clinics.

Licensed School Nurse 
The Director is an American Heart Association instructor, member of the FAAN, ADA, OASN, and ASHA, a Safe Sitter instructor, crisis response team member, and Licensed School Nurse with 12 years of school experience. The Director has written numerous health education articles and is available for consultation regarding school health questions.

American Heart Association Training

AHA CPR, First Aid, and AED courses are available. CPR and AED are taught, as well as how to handle a choking emergency. The First Aid course covers basic care, medical, injury, and environmental emergencies.

Safe Sitter Babysitting Course

Available to students aged 11 and up, the course includes babysitting as a business, success of the job, child care essentials, safety for the sitter, injury management, prevention of problem behavior, and care of the choking infant and child.

Health Programs

STD and reproductive health, hand washing, dental care, food allergy awareness, bloodborne pathogens, hygiene, poison prevention, MRSA, and bullying, are other available programs. 

School nurses make it happen.

Staff Members Responsible:

Barbie Ferrell - Director of Nursing Services
Alecia Highsmith- Nursing Coordinator 

Nursing Services

The Medina County Schools’ ESC provides registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and health aides to participating districts for their health care needs.  Certified staff members work collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and other school and community professionals to remove health barriers to learning; to promote optimal health and wellness of the school population; to maintain all state immunization, vision, and hearing requirements; along with the following: 

  • Staff in-service training on health-related topics
  • Staff wellness programs and committees
  • Crisis response team member
  • School and community health fairs
  • CPR and First aide training
  • Acute illness and emergency care in school clinics
  • Communicable disease training
  • Administer prescribed medication and special procedures when required
  • Referral and follow-up of medical problems
  • Health education and counseling
  • Assess the unique needs of disabled students
  • Liaison between educational and medical personnel
  • Pediculosis monitoring
  • Share responsibility with school personnel for the safety and comfort of the school environment
  • Safe sitter babysitting training
  • Newsletter articles

Healthy children learn better.  School nurses make it happen.

Nursing Services

Nursing Services Department Information

By Lori Hogue

The Nursing Services Department at the Medina County Schools' ESC is headed by Lori Hogue, RN BSHCA MEd, Director of Nursing Services.  Lori can be contacted at (330) 723-6393, Ext. 118.
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