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Business Advisory Council


Business Advisory Council Joint Statement for Black River Local Schools, Buckeye Local Schools, Brunswick City Schools, Cloverleaf Local Schools, Highland Local Schools, and the Educational Service Center of Medina County

In 2018, the Medina County Economic Development Corporation agreed to convene a group of business professionals, along with five school districts and the Educational Service Center of Medina County, to serve as their Business Advisory Councils. Members of the Council volunteered to participate and meet monthly throughout the year. The membership represents the diverse business climate in Medina County, including manufacturing, professional services, financial services, construction, and healthcare.

The purpose of the Business Advisory Council (BAC) is to identify skills needed and suggest ways to teach them, advise on the types of jobs available, and create a relationship between our business, labor, and education communities. 

In 2021, Medina City Schools joined the BAC, and it now represents six school districts and the ESC. 

        The BAC met in March, April, June, July, October, November, December, and February since our last report. 
Plan and Implementation Progress
Own Your Skill
The BAC was able to launch the website with information for students to identify skills developed through extra-curricular activities, and provided posters to all high schools. The site also offers definitions and information on work experiences to help students feel more confident in their choices. 
Pre-Apprenticeship Program
In discussions with the schools, concerns were raised regarding students who cannot pass their end of course year exams. As there are only 11 companies in Medina County offering apprenticeship experiences, the Council recognized the challenges faced in trying to develop a pre-apprenticeship program. MCEDC was able to obtain a grant through ODJFS to fund a pre-apprentice coordinator position, who was able to create the pre-apprenticeship program.
The program developed is called the Workforce Academy, and soft skills identified by the BAC are being incorporated into the classes to ensure modules meet the needs of business once the student graduates. The BAC is also designing a course called, “Rules of Work” to help students learn expectations when they start their first job. 
Each module will be tied to the OhioMeansJobs graduation seal, so students will earn both the 12-point industry credential and the OMJ Seal for graduation. The BAC will review the course work and ensure it meets the needs of business. They will also be called upon to teach the modules as needed. 
Certification of the Pre-Apprenticeship program should be received by March 19, 2022, and schools are determining if they have needs for the 2021-2022 school year now. 
Scholarships for Workers
The BAC assisted the County Forward Fund in obtaining funding for one scholarship per high school for students who obtain job placements for after graduation. One concern the BAC has discussed is the stigma of not going to college immediately following high school. Having the opportunity to receive a scholarship changes the conversation to show the value placed on getting a position and launching your career.
Career Coach
The BAC also assisted the County Forward Fund on securing the funding to provide a Career Coach to the schools. This individual will work for MCEDC and be based in the business world, but provided through a Google calendar to guidance counselors to schedule time to discuss jobs and careers. Students 14-24 will be eligible to speak to the coach. When school is not in session, the Career Coach will be visiting with businesses to learn about their career opportunities and goals for workers, networking with business leaders, and building their knowledge of the Medina County business community. 
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