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Personnel Services 

The Personnel Department provides comprehensive human resource services for ESC employees and, as requested, to city and local school districts within Medina County.  The largest part of this work is the employment of substitute teachers.  However, the department also conducts job searches for school districts and hires various employees to fulfill staffing needs in districts both within and outside of Medina County.
Substitute Teachers in Medina County

The ESCMC completes pre-employment vetting of substitute teachers who seek employment in county districts that manage their own Absence Management systems and substitute teacher payroll.  A list of eligible substitutes is provided to such districts on a weekly basis.  
The ESCMC also provides a more comprehensive substitute service, providing all pre-employment processing, training, hiring, supervision, Absence Management, and payroll for substitute teachers in subscribing districts. 
ESCMC personnel staff can assist with set-up, training, and implementation in districts new to using the Absence Management system.
North Coast Shared Services Alliance (NCSSA) in Northeast Ohio

The ESCMC is a partner in the NCSSA collaboration which includes the ESCs of Northeast Ohio, Lorain County, and Medina County as well as Rachel Wixey and Associates. Working together as the NCSSA, the organization provides comprehensive substitute services to client districts.
Substitute Teacher Training

All Medina County and NCSSA substitute teachers receive information and/or training related to successfully carrying out assignments as a substitute teacher. 
Substitute teachers with no background in education, who have not student taught, or those who have been out of a classroom for more than five (5) years, are required to complete a substitute training course. We offer two options. The first is an online course called Sub Skills sponsored by STEDI (licensed by Utah State University).  We also offer the Safe and Engaged Class for those who prefer in-person learning. The curriculum taught in the in-person course is the same material utilized in the online course.
Public School Works Training is required of all substitutes. Training can be customized to meet the needs of a district.
Job Postings

Job opportunities are posted according to a district’s request. Job postings for positions available at the ESCMC and in local districts can be accessed at Districts can utilize the posting service by contacting the Personnel Office.
Background Checks

The BCI ($30) and FBI ($30) checks are done electronically using Web Check. Appointments can be made by calling 330.723.6393 x 127. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, or exact cash. On-site background check events can be arranged through the Personnel Office.
Executive Searches

The ESCMC has extensive experience with and success in conducting searches leading to the employment of superintendents and treasurers.  ESCMC staff members work with district administration and/or school board members to customize search materials and design a process that is efficient, and which accommodates any unique needs of that community. 
Educator Licensure Support

All new and renewal permits/licenses must be processed and paid for online via the use of an ODE SAFE account. Personnel staff can assist you at any point in the application process if you encounter difficulties.
Job Fairs

Job fairs specifically targeted at recruiting substitute teachers from district populations can also be arranged through the Personnel Office.
Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

In addition to providing support for the ESCMC staff, teachers who are not employed in a school/district can use an Educational Service Center’s LPDC to renew their teaching license. For more information, go to

Office Staff:
 Cari Wiley
Personnel Supervisor
Office Phone: 330.723.6393 Ext. 140
Capri Blasco 
Personnel Secretary
Office Phone: 330.723.6393 Ext. 127 
Keturah Zacharias
Personnel Secretary/Special Projects
Office Phone: 330.723.6393 Ext. 102 

Judy Galo
Substitute Teacher Trainer
Denise Gerspacher
Substitute Teacher Trainer
Mary K. Moxley
Substitute Teacher Trainer
Mary Anne Melvin
Substitute Teacher Trainer
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