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NEW Building Updates

Building Updates

Renovations are underway on our new facility. 
Check back often to see the progress!

We’re underway!  

3-14-2023 - As you might be able to tell from the pictures, demolition of the interior spaces is now complete.  The crew has prepared the largest section of the building for the concrete slab to be poured (it was previously unfinished).  Additionally, in the finished sections of the building multiple saw cuts were made to put in electrical and plumbing connections.  As with any major project the beginning stages set the foundation (literally in this case!) for the rest of the project.  Progress may not be as readily apparent in the pictures but once these major milestones are completed it paves the way for everything else to go smoothly.  So far, so good in regards to the schedule - the crew is on schedule and on budget.

3-7-2023 - Wow!  What a difference a week makes!  Last week’s update showed the initial stages of demolition but in one week the construction crew has already moved on to relocating walls, saw cutting the floor to add bathroom plumbing, and bringing in ductwork for the unfinished space.  Upon walking into the building this week we were struck by how quickly the building is taking shape.  While we know there will be challenges ahead, the progress and collaboration with our general contractor has been positive and reassuring.

2-28-2023 - Demolition has begun on the building.  Cabinets and doors are being removed for reuse in the project. The electricians and plumbers have been on-site making necessary modifications to allow for safe demolition of walls and ceilings.  Soon to follow the demolition, the plumbers will be back on-site to rough in all the underground plumbing for the building with concrete to follow them where necessary.

Renovation Photos

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