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Behavioral/Autism Specialist

Behavioral/Autism Specialist

The goal of this program is to provide leadership in the development implementation, and coordination of behavior interventions for people with disabilities in the county school districts. The specialist’s duties are defined through agreement with the contracting district’s superintendent and the ESC. The duties assigned include all the duties described below and any others as mutually agreed upon. Services are contracted with Buckeye, Cloverleaf, Highland, Medina City, and Wadsworth School Districts and Summit County ESC.

  • Coordinate direct training for school environment in behavior management.
  • Assist staff in developing and maintaining data collection records.
  • Conduct functional assessment or analysis of problem behavior and write and implement behavior plans.
  • Provide outreach consultation and workshops to train teachers, school administration, agencies, service groups, and the general public.
  • Offer guidance to families regarding community-based services related to and available for students of special need.
  • Serve as an IEP team member when behavior consultation services are requested.
  • Train staff in maintaining discrete trial programs for students.
  • Work directly with students on behavior management and social skills.
Staff Members Responsible:

Rachel Krauss— Director of Special Needs Initiatives
Christina Combs— Autism/Behavioral Specialist

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