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Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing

The schools of Medina County have the opportunity to purchase audiovisual, computer, and laminating supplies and equipment through group purchasing discounts in association with the Stark County and Ohio Schools Council Cooperative Purchasing Program.  The Medina County Schools’ Educational Service Center coordinates the ordering of products from selected vendors, invoicing to the school districts for ordered products, and delivery of supplies and equipment to the member schools.  Price comparisons are conducted to ensure the best possible deals for our member schools.  Tracking of delivery schedules is also provided by the ESC when requested by the member schools.

The ESC maintains an inventory of the following consumable items so that member schools can have ready access to commonly-used supplies:

  • 18” laminating film
  • 25” laminating film
  • 27” laminating film
  • Various audiovisual projection bulbs
  • AA and AAA batteries

 *Special orders for laminating film in 12” can be accommodated.

Staff Members Responsible:

Gloria Schultz — Secretary

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