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Transition-To-Work Program

   Emily Askea - Transition-to-Work Specialist
   [email protected]      
   Medina City Schools                            
   Kayla Dean - Transition-to-Work Specialist
   Medina City Schools 

    Marilou Weidus - Transition-to-Work Specialist


The goal of the transition-to-work program is to prepare students with disabilities for employment, independent living, and community involvement.  The specialists' duties are defined through agreement with the contracting district's superintendent and the superintendent of the Medina County Schools' ESC.

Transition-to-Work Specialists services/duties are:
  • Teacher consulting
  • Local staff development
  • IEP training, IEP meetings, and Transition-planning meetings
  • Community-based work experience programs
  • Member of Medina County Transition Team
  • Parent questions/concerns
  • Member of Ohio Association of Supervisors and Coordinators for Exceptional Students
  • Career Technical Education planning with Medina County Career Center
  • Coordinate shadowing, assessment and application process to Medina County Career Center.
  • Develop and maintain State and Local Agency partnerships
  • Work-study credit by job placement, job site visits, and employer evaluations
  • Monitoring of in-school training
  • Assist districts in completing the Ohio Longitudinal Transition Study
  • Assists with understanding the college process for students with disabilities
  • Referral to Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities for a range of vocational rehabilitation services.


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