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Transition-To-Work Program

   Emily Askea - Transition-to-Work Specialist
   [email protected]      
   Medina City Schools                            
   Teri Koons - Transition-to-Work Specialist
    Medina City Schools 
   Dorothy Davis - Transition-to-Work Specialist
   Buckeye Local & Cloverleaf Local Schools 
The goal of the transition-to-work program is to prepare students with
disabilities for employment, independent living, and community involvement.
The coordinator's duties are defined through agreement with the contracting
district's superintendent and the superintendent of the Medina County
Schools' ESC.

Transition-to-Work Coordinators services/duties are:
  • Special Education Forum
  • M-SSTAT  "Medina Special Students Transition Action Team"
  • (M-SSTAT provides opportunities to individuals with disabilities by
  • facilitating the collaborative development of employability skills and transitional programming supports)
  • Job Placement
  • Parent questions/concerns
  • Member of Ohio Association of Supervisors and Coordinators
  • for Exceptional Students
  • Transition planning coordinator
  • Vocational planning with Medina County Career Center
  • Career exploration curriculum coordinator
  • Develop job training positions
  • Design transition teams for individual students
  • Work-study credit by job site visits and employer evaluations
  • Monitoring of in-school training


Program specializes in:

  • Filling hard to fill positions.
  • Providing transitional services prior to graduation.
  • Providing support services of a work-study coordinator.
  • Granting work-study credit for student participation.
  • Being an effective part of the special education curriculum in the Medina County Schools.

Essential requirements consist of cooperation among:

  • Parents
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Work-Study
  • Coordinators
  • Administrator
  • School Boards
  • In-School Employer
  • Community Employers

The Work-Study Program is designed to enable the student to do the following:

  • Acquire as many practical work skills as possible
  • Develop good working habits
  • Become aware of personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Fill an employer’s employment needs in a variety of jobs
  • Develop a sense of dignity and worth as a productive citizen.
  • Increase work productivity, stamina, and self-initiation.

Benefits to employers:

  • Source of dependable and cooperative workers.
  • Availability of seasonal, part-time, and subcontract workers
  • Ability to work flexible schedules/early release from school.
  • Support and cooperation of a work-study coordinator who can trouble shoot.
  • Compliance with affirmative action.
  • Opportunity to provide patience,understanding, and support to students for their success in the world of work.
  • Evaluation by the employer of student job performance, whether in school or community.

The Work-Study Coordinator Services:

  • Assist employers to interview, select, and assign student to work stations.
  • Develop job training positions.
  • Arrange for necessary work schedule adjustments.
  • Make work-study presentations to local businesses and community organizations.

The Transition Coordinator Services:

  • Employers may provide career exploration/job shadowing experience to students.
  • Students meeting requirements may be provided a job coach
  • Agency support services provided if needed
  • Coordinate shadowing, assessment and application process to Medina County Career Center.
Labor Laws

The Work-Study Program must abide by the Ohio and federal laws regulating child labor.

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