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Regional Road-E-O

Regional School Bus Driver Safety Road-E-O

1st - 6th place
The 2022 -2023 School Bus Driver Safety Road-E-O was held on Saturday, April 22 at Firelands Local School District!

The top 6 and advancing to the state ROAD-E-O:
1st place - Debbie Burns - Orange
2nd place - Debbie Becker - Orange
3rd place - Shannon Santamaria - Orange
4th place - Teresa Jaszczak - Orange
5th place - Chuck Santamaria - Orange
6th place - Jim Romano - Orange

7th - 9th place are alternates for the state ROAD-E-O:
7th place - April Johnson - Buckeye
8th place - Jeremiah Spikes - South Euclid Lyndhurst
9th place - Lisa Clelland-Williams - Olmsted Falls

The top 3 teams:
1st place team - Orange 
2nd place team - Orange
3rd place team - Buckeye

The state ROAD-E-O will be held on Saturday, May 6 at Reynoldsburg City Schools 
 The School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o is a friendly competition amongst school bus drivers that includes written tests along with a driving course. The driving course highlights several maneuverability skills that are designed to test drivers’ abilities. The Road-e-o is designed to promote safety, professionalism, and recognition through the cooperative effort of school districts, Ohio Association of Public School Employees, Ohio Association of Pupil Transportation, Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Education Association, and the Ohio School Bus Mechanics Association. The top six drivers from the region will then qualify for the State School Bus Driver Safety Road-e-o. If you are interested in helping with this event, please see the Transportation Department or email April Johnson at [email protected] or Lisa West at [email protected]. It is not required to be a school bus driver or even a Transportation Department employee to help out! 
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