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Positive Interactions- Transportation Staff Development

Positive Interactions

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ESC of Medina County, Transportation Department, has created a in-service type program that is designed to encourage those involved with school transportation to enhance their knowledge of transporting those with special needs. This special needs in-service is called Positive Interactions. It focuses on teaching vital tools that can be used to promote a safe environment and encourage positive interactions during times of difficulty. It goes into depth on how to recognize a potential behavior, handle a behavioral situation as well as what to do after the behavioral episode is over. It also teaches how to properly load and secure a wheelchair onto a school bus, distracted driving, inclement weather, bullying and active shooter. 
Any Transportation Department interested in this program or if you would like to learn more about Positive Interactions please contact April Johnson at [email protected] or call 330-723-6393 ext. 147 
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