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Alternative Education

Alternative Education Options

The Educational Service Center of Medina County offers a variety of alternative online and on site schooling for the students of the Medina County School Districts and the surrounding counties. 


Alternative High School - The Alternative High School Program represents a partnership between the ESC of Medina County and our customer districts. The program is designed for high school or middle school students. Our classroom is located at 124 West Washington Street, a half block off the square, in the County Professional Building. The majority of the academic curriculum is provided online and students have the opportunity to excel and work on their own and to receive individualized instruction in the classroom from an experienced, certified staff of life-long teachers. Students can access the courses during regular school hours or 24-7 from home or anywhere with internet access.

Summer School / Online Anytime School
Program - Students wishing to accelerate graduation or those looking to recover lost credits may participate and benefit through our Summer School / Online Anytime School. These programs allows students to pursue classes and credits toward their diplomas from their homes 24/7. The Internet learning experience provides student with virtually unlimited access to information and ideas, while the certified staff assists students in the learning process.

Virtual Learning Academy - The Virtual Learning Academy uses the same online curriculum as the Alternative School, but all of the work is done from home. This program accommodates sutdents who are unable to attend a regular school or more comfortable working from home. These students have access to the programs's instructors through email, texts and phone conversations enabling them to interact and receive help from teachers. 

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