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2024 ESCMC Scholarships

The following scholarships are available through the Educational Service Center of Medina County office:


Delmar Graff Scholarship

     *  All Medina County Public Schools Eligible

                   Due Date:  March 21, 2024

Clearence H. Horn Scholarship

     *  All Medina County Public Schools Eligible

                   Due Date:  March 21, 2024 

Margaret L. and Paige D. Myers Scholarship

 *  All Medina County Public and Parochial High Schools Eligible

                   Due Date:  March 21, 2024 

Harold A. and Louise C. White Scholarship  
     *  Medina County Local Schools Eligible

                   Due Date:  March 21, 2024

Note:  The recipient of the Franklin B. Walter All-Scholastic Award will be awarded the Peter & Mary Galassi Scholarship. 
Please return the ESC of Medina County Scholarships to: 
ESC of Medina County, c/o Torie Griffith
275 Center Street
Seville, OH 44273
330-723-6393, Ext. 601519




Graff Scholarship
Horn Scholarship
Myers Scholarship
White Scholarship
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