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Math 24 Tournament

Math 24 Tournament

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The "24" Math card game requires fourth-grade students, who are presented four single- and/or double-digit numbers, to figure in three steps a combination of division, multiplication, addition, and/or subtraction for which the answer is "24." Point values vary depending on the difficulty of the card. A student wins a card when he or she is first to tap the card and provides a correct solution using all four numbers. The round is won by the student with the most points after all cards are played. There will be a process of elimination through five rounds, and one student will be declared the champion of the tournament.

Math "24" provides teachers a way to make math instruction exciting for the students without forsaking standards. Students become more comfortable working on their math skills because if they don’t get the right answer, they aren’t penalized. Instead, students are encouraged to continually practice their mental math skills through playing "24."


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