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MCEDC recognized by OESCA and ESC of Medina County

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Kathy Breitenbucher (MCEDC) and Dr. Christina Collins (MCEDC and State Board of Education Member) received the OESCA Community Leadership Award for the amazing efforts to bring to fruition two significant and unique programs for the benefit of Medina County students.  Kathy's tireless efforts brought a Career Coach to Medina (one of few in the state) to better connect our students with future careers (with a focus on the many outstanding opportunities in Medina County).  Christina utilized her unique skill set to build a Pre-Apprenticeship program from the ground up to provide an alternative for nearly 100 students in Medina County who might not otherwise meet the newly revised graduation requirements.  
Congratulations Kathy and Christina and thank you for your amazing collaboration with Medina County Schools!
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