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Congratulations Graduates!

Click here for list of all of our 2022-23 Graduates

UPDATE On the very last school day,  our final student completed his graduation requirements. Evan Sullivan finished his Algebra 2 class and became the 12th student to do so this year. He earned 5 credits with us during the half year he was attending and will be graduating from his home school of Medina. Evan has been employed for the past 2 months working after school in a local restaurant and is planning to move into a full time position soon. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. Congratulations from the ESC and all of the staff.


UPDATE - The Alternative School is very pleased to announce two more 2023 graduates. Kalub High of Buckeye and Alex Church of Brunswick finished their graduation requirements and were honored with a party on Friday, April 21. In attendance were Kalub's father and grandmother, Alex's mother and brother, former graduates Mike Majstorovic, Clayton Ethington and his mother, Mr. Hlasko, several of our teachers and staff members, and Kalub's adoptive grandmother, Gloria Schultz, who was very important in Kalub's success, as she has been to many other of our students over the years. 

Alex earned more than half of his credits with us and Kalub spent his entire high school career in the Alternative School program. Both boys worked hard and earned high grades in their work. Both boys also held down jobs during their time with us and earned work study credits. We wish Kalub and Alex the best in their future pursuits. They will be missed.


UPDATE - Wellington High School student, Nate Patfield recently completed his required credits and became the 10th student to graduate from the Alternative School for 2022-23.  His accomplishment was celebrated on Thursday, March 23, with his fellow students, teachers, staff and and his mother in attendance.  Nate completed 11 courses and 9.5 credits in his year and a half with us and finished with an unofficial 3.4 GPA.  Nate starts training soon as a lineman and work for a Lorain County based power company.  Best wishes go out to Nate as he begins his after school life.


UPDATE - On March 3, 2023, the Alternative School celebrated its 9th graduate of the year.  Medina City Schools student, Dorrian Pettway, earned his last credits in his high school career with our program and graduated before his 2022-23 classmates.  He worked diligently and precisely in his last three courses and earned A's in each one.  His classmates, teachers, and support staff, along with his mother, were in attendance to celebrate with a cake and pizza on his last day.  His short range plans are to work on a roofing crew this spring and summer, while his long range plans are to attend college, play basketball and study to become a dentist.  Good luck and best wishes to this fine young man.


UPDATE - The Alternative School is pleased to announce that three more students have joined the 2023 graduating class. Kendra Grand, Chris Kanya, and Wyatt Brzoska have completed their graduation requirements with us and will be receiving diplomas from their home schools this spring. Kendra and Chris are with Highland and Wyatt is a Buckeye student. This puts our total number of graduates at eight, and we expect to have three or four more by the end of the school year.

Kendra earned her last 4 credits with us by completing 8 courses, Chris earned 7.5 credits with 13 classes, and Wyatt earned 13.5 credits by completing 17 classes in order to finish his requirements. We celebrated their successes with a graduation party on Friday, February 10, with both Chris’s and Wyatt’s mothers, several of the teachers, other staff members and his classmates in attendance.

Kendra is already working and is unsure if she will attend college in the future, while Wyatt and Chris are pursuing employment, now that their education is completed.

We celebrate and congratulate them on jobs well done and wish them the best of luck as they enter into their adult years. 


UPDATE - Tom Magier, director of the Alternative School, is pleased to announce that Logan Whitt completed his graduation requirements with us and will be a 2023 graduate at Wellington High School. Logan came to us as a freshman on February 16, 2020, and earned all of his high school credits in the Alternative School. He is our fifth graduate of the 2022-2023 school year, and we expect to have six or seven more by the end of the year.

Logan was a very interesting, kind, helpful, productive, and entertaining student who made friends with students, teachers, and the support staff during his time with us. We celebrated his success with a graduation party on his last day, January 26, with his father, Clifford Whitt; the Alternative School teachers; other ESC staff members; and his classmates in attendance.

In his three years at our school, Logan earned 21 credits, received A’s in most of the classes he took, and attended 85 percent of the time. Last year he completed more lessons than the other students and was Student of the Week ten times! He is currently working at Apples Grocery Store in Wellington and is planning to pursue a career in welding.

We wish Logan the best of luck as he enters into his adult years.


UPDATE - On January 12, 2023, Harley Massarelli completed her work at the Alternative School and became the fourth student to graduate from our program this year.  She was very diligent in her work and completed all of her work in a short period of time.  She finished 6 courses and earned four credits in doing so.  She will be receiving her diploma from her home school, Highland, in the Spring.


At the halfway point of the school year, Tom Magier, the Alternative School Director is very pleased to announce the completion of graduation requirements for three hard working seniors. Chris Citino, Elle Katanic, and Mike Majstorovlc (all are Highland Local Schools students) all finished their course work through our Alternative School program the first half of this year.  Mike and Elle started in our strictly online program called the Virtual Learning Academy and moved into our on-site school to complete their credits. 

All three students graduated ahead of schedule and are pursuing different future plans. Mike is starting his own power-washing business, C.J. is currently working as a firefighter/EMT, and Elle is deciding where to attend college in the fall.

All three students had a school graduation party where they were honored for their achievements with us, received a parting gift and had a chance to speak to the current students in attendance. Each student spoke very well about their journey through school and were grateful for the opportunity to succeed. Also in attendance were parents, friends, teachers, support staff, and Highland school representatives who all worked together with these students to attain this valuable goal.  The success of the students could not have been possible without the collaboration with the ESC and Highland Local Schools working to ensure the best possible learning environment and outcomes for these students.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity to have instructed these fine young adults and have them with us for a portion of their educational careers and wish them the best of luck in all of their future plans.

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