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by Lori Hogue

Elementary schools in the , Buckeye Local, and Medina  City districts participated in the Realeyes presentations for “Save Your Vision Month” in March.   Staff from the Ohio Department of Health Save Our Sight program in Columbus provided age-appropriate curriculum about the importance of eye health and safety for students in grades PreK, 2, 4, and 6.  Funds for Realeyes are provided through the Ohio Department of Health Save Our Sight program.  When renewing license plates, Ohioans are asked to donate to Save Our Sight, which provides funds for statewide programs that dealt with children’s vision. School health staff displayed posters in the schools that promote eye safety and the importance of vision care.   Students’ vision is a key component to learning and the school health staff does vision screenings, but it is also important for every child to have a comprehensive eye exam from an Optometrist.  Lori Hogue, Director of Nursing Services from the Medina County Schools’ ESC, implemented the program to come to Medina County in March. The response was tremendous, over 70 classrooms participated. It was interactive and engaged the students to learn about the importance of good vision.

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