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Please contact the Pre-Service office in order to have the registration link sent to you.

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Welcome to the on-line curriculum of the Ohio Preservice School bus driver training course.
Taking this course, the driver will learn the necessary theory to operate a school bus in the state
of Ohio. The program covers techniques and methods of operating a school bus which are
requirements listed in the Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety rules enacted by the State
Board of Education.
Upon successful completion of this on-line training course and an in person final exam by the
regional Preservice Instructor (or designee), the driver will have completed the classroom portion
of the training. On bus instruction will be completed through the school district/employer. A
valid Preservice certificate is required for any individual to legally operate a school bus with
students on board in Ohio. The Preservice certificate will be issued following all requirements
listed in the Pupil Transportation Operation and Safety rules (OAC 3301-83) are met.
Registration Requirements:
• The district or employer will register the driver for the online course through the
   regional Preservice Instructor’s office. Items required for registration are the driver’s full
   legal name and the driver’s email address.
• Once registration is processed, a Preservice book will be mailed to the employer for the
  driver to pick-up.
• The driver will receive an email from Schoology with an access link to the course.
• Once the driver logs into Schoology he/she will have 30 days to complete the course.
• Some modules will have mini quizzes associated that the driver must complete
   to proceed with course.
• Failing an end of module quiz two times requires Preservice Instructor to reset
  the class. The class will only be reset 1 time, after a second failed attempt the
  on-line class is cancelled and there are no refunds. The driver is required to
  attend Preservice class in person for an additional class fee.

 Once the driver has completed the course he/she will need to contact the Preservice
Instructor to schedule an in-person final exam.
• The driver will have 2 attempts at passing the final in-person exam. If the driver
does not pass the final exam, he/she is required to attend an in-person
Preservice class at an additional fee.

****Regional Preservice Instructors reserve the right to conduct an
in-person pre-trip and driving skills evaluation of any participant
that completes the on-line training opportunity****

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