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New School Parent Transition Academy
Upcoming parent engagement opportunities for middle and high school students identified with a disability. 
ReSchedule Graphic Solo Ensemble "Event Reschedule"
Solo Ensemble - Event Rescheduled for Feb. 3, 2018 
Science Social Reactors - A Social Group for Science lovers
Through science experiments students will determine the problem and solutions to solve social problems.  
Kids Social Pros - Go from Rookie to Pro
A Social skills training that focuses on friendship building, emotional regulation and prosocial behavior with peers.  
Award Carl W. Breyley Distinguished Service Award
Congratulations to Keith Sooy as he was presented this award for his exceptional service. 
Sign Language American Sign Language - ABC's and 123's
Join us for a fun morning of games and play while learning basic sign language.  
Online Courses Winter 2018 Online Courses

The Educational Service Center of Medina County offers semester hours for online courses.  You can receive either ONE or TWO Semester Hours per class.

Paraprofessional Assessment - 2017-2018 Testing Dates image Paraprofessional Assessment - 2017-2018 Testing Dates
The Educational Service Center of Medina County is pleased to announce our continuing relationship with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) as a facilitator of the online administration of the ETS Paraprofessional Assessment.  
Substitute Teachers Needed! image Substitute Teachers Needed!
2018 Inkspot
Medina County Literary Review
Educational Service Center
of Medina County
Vol. 30, 2017-2018 

We will be publishing the 2018 Inkspot edition in the spring of 2018.  The Inkspot is a literary magazine designed to showcase student writing and artwork and to provide an opportunity for students to see their work published and shared with the community.  The 2018 edition of the Inkspot will be filled with exceptional work from students who attend the public school districts in Medina County.

Please note the following when you submit items for possible publication:

· All literary entries must be typed and edited for grammar, punctuation, etc., prior to submission.  No copyrighted material will be considered.  The piece should be final copy, magazine ready.

· Please submit exceptional and unique short stories, poems, black-and-white artwork, and essays in the sciences, social studies, or the arts created by individual students.  Class sets will not be considered for publication.

· Written entries – will be accepted only by e-mail to kzacharias@medinaesc.org.  Please be sure to include all the student information (student name, teacher name, grade level, and school).  Each student’s submission should be a separate document and in Microsoft Word or Goggle Docs.

· Artwork entries--If you have access to submit artwork electronically, send by email to:  kzacharias@medinaesc.org, in JPEG, GIF, or PNG formats only in print ready quality.  Please include the student's name, grade, teacher's name, and building, with each entry that is submitted separately.
· Artwork entries which are not submitted electronically, please attach an entry form to every entry.  Entry forms can be found and printed from the Inkspot webpage.  Please submit ORIGINAL black-and-white artwork only.  The size of the artwork should be no larger than 9 x 12 on sketchbook paper (no lined notebook paper).  Please note that this submission needs to be suitable for scanning since it is being submitted to a literary magazine.  Please be sure that the artwork is dark enough so that the end result will be suitable for publication.  Entries will not be considered without an attached entry form. 

· Send your submissions to Keturah Zacharias at the ESC of Medina County.  The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2018.  Submissions will be accepted anytime from now until February 1.  It is suggested to plan for the development, editing, and final draft of a piece for publication before the end of 2017.  All entries must be received prior to February 1.

· The Inkspot Committee members read and evaluate each contribution. Selections published are based on appropriateness, creativity, and quality.

· If you have submitted original artwork, we will return it after publication.

· The Inkspot will be published in May 2018.  Each student with work included in the Inkspot will receive a complimentary copy of the book.  Additional copies may be ordered at a nominal charge.

We look forward to showcasing the talents of your students!


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